How to Get Your Kid Off The Phone and How I Dealt With This Huge Problem

19 Oct 2019

Give an example! When you’re with your kids, show that you’re focused on them and avoid using the phone. Otherwise, they will want to follow your footsteps.

Create a phone-free zone during meals and during the day, so they can understand that it’s time for other activities. You can even plan some fun games and strolls
Make the best of lockdown. Practice your golf skills at home!

6 Oct 2019

You can use some sticks to improve your swing speed. Use some heavy sticks to train your moves. Downswing halfway and stop until you’re able to hold your balance.

Instead of a ball, use a coin to improve your chipping. Position yourself and hit the coin so it can flip onto its target - that could be a bowl, for example.
The LEDChargy Motion Sensor: save a lot of money of the electric bill

16 Sep 2019

Place the LEDChargy Motion Sensor on the ceiling or wall so it can sense your presence as you pass by. After you’re no longer there, the lights will automatically turn off.

Get the right sensing angle, which means you should put in places where the lights can sense any presence. However, if there are too many unwanted motion events, just decrease the detection distance by changing the angle of the sensor. 
LuckyTail Dog Nail Grinder - amazing device to avoid the stressful drama of trimming your dog’s nails

2 Sep 2019

For the first time using LuckyTail, turn on the grinder and let your pet get used to the sound of the device. Remember to start grinding the nails only when you feel he’s completely comfortable.

To start the nail trimming, turn the grinder on at low speed, tilt the device at a 45-degree angle and gently touch his nails from the top of the claw, slowly bringing it down. Burst the nails in short sequences of no more than 5 seconds.
Why LuckyTail is the best grinder for nail care

22 Aug 2019

LuckyTail is a unique and powerful device made especially for dog claw care. This nail grinder is the result of extensive research, together with vets and pet owners, into the best trimming practices, characteristics of dog nails, and the top features of a grinder.

To develop the ultimate dog claw care solution, LuckyTail vets have carefully analyzed and tested the best grinders, considering the dog’s breed, cooperation, and sensitivity to sound and also in the paw. The result is LuckyTail nail grinder, the most pet-friendly product to shorten a pooch’s claws. This tool combines safety with an extremely powerful motor and silent operation like never before.
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